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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michelle's Back!

Michelle Bachmann, everyone’s favorite conspiracy theorist, has declared in an interview with Sandy Rios, another conspiracy lover (see  Comrade Obama and the Space Program), that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated several departments in the US government.  Here’s just part of the interview:

It appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our United States government by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood has been found to be an unindicted co-conspirator on terrorism cases and yet it appears that there are individuals who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood who have positions, very sensitive positions, in our Department of Justice, our Department of Homeland Security, potentially even in the National Intelligence Agency. I am calling upon the Justice Department and these various departments to investigate through the Inspector General to see who these people are and what access they have to our information.

Hooray for Michelle!  She’s an inexhaustible font of material.  Perhaps Herman Cain or Rick Perry will also return to the news – one can always hope…

Welcome back, my friend Michelle
I thought you’d bid us all farewell
Without you here, it has been hell

Coming up with things to write;
It’s been a poetaster’s plight,
But now you’re back and all is right.

I always feel so nice and cheery
When what you say is nice and eerie:
Conspiracy’s your favorite  theory.

So now the Muslim band of brothers
One department’s or another’s
Offices it stealth’ly  smothers

With anti-Christian deeds and thought
With foreign notions they are frought,
But due to you they’re finally caught

And now we’ll extirpate this scourge
The Muslim Brotherhood we’ll purge:
A Christian gov’ment will emerge. 

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