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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grover's Hissy Fit

Jeb Bush recently came out strongly against “the Norquist pledge”, which commits signers to oppose any tax increases or other mechanisms for increasing federal revenues.  Bush said,  "I ran for office three times….The pledge was presented to me three times. I never signed the pledge. I cut taxes every year I was governor. I don't believe you outsource your principles and convictions to people." 

In response, Grover got pretty nasty:  "There's a guy who watched his father throw away his presidency on a 2:1 (ratio of spending cuts to tax increases) promise. ... And he thinks he's sophisticated by saying that he'd take a 10:1 promise. He doesn't understand -- he's just agreed to walk down the same alley his dad did with the same gang. And he thinks he's smart. You walk down that alley, you don't come out."

Bush is not the only prominent Republican who is “coming out” against the idea that tax revenues can never, ever be increased.  Even Allen West has called Grover Norquist “a little misguided” and indicated that increases in tax revenues might be needed to reduce the deficit. (see also It’s Over, Grover).

The fight’s playing out on the web.
I’m putting my money on Jeb.
Jeb tartly alleged,
“I’ll never be pledged.”
Grover’s power is starting to ebb.

Now Grover really got pissed.
“He’s just like his dad”, he hissed.
He got kinda mean
As he vented his spleen.
Norquist will never be missed.

‘Though once he was really in clover
His day in the sun is now over.
He’ll be really annoyed
At our schadenfreude,
Let’s all say good riddance to Grover.

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