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Friday, June 1, 2012

Unscripted Mitt? No Way!

Most politicians make the round of the Sunday morning talks shows, such as Meet the Press or Face the Nation.  It’s an efficient way to convey their message to a viewing audience that takes its politics seriously.  Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has only appeared on the Republican-friendly Sunday shows broadcast by the Fox network.  When pressed on this issue, the senior Romney advisor Ed Gillespie responded with a non-answer which said, in essence, that the Sunday shows are one of the options they’d consider for conveying “our message to the American people”.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for Mitt to appear in an unscripted venue.

Of the talk shows on Sundays Mitt’s only on Fox
Now why that should be is a strange paradox.
The other talk shows would like him as well,
But Mitt is afraid he’d fall under their spell
And say something wrong that simply sounds foolish.
But he’s stubborn as hell and sometimes acts mulish
And says "The hosts of those shows can really be mean
They’d ask me some questions that I’d never seen,
So I’m happy to stick with those nice folks at Fox,
They’re kind and they’re helpful without the hard knocks.”

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