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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Karl, Mitt and the Super Pac Law

Karl Rove and Mitt Romney will both be attending a weekend meeting of campaign donors and activists, optimistically named the “First National Romney Victory Retreat”.  This creates the appearance of legal problem, since Karl Rove heads a Romney Super Pac,  American Crossroads, and such organizations are forbidden by law from coordinating their activities with the candidates they support.  As Mitt Romney himself put it, “Super PACs have to be entirely separate from a campaign and a candidate. I’m not allowed to communicate with a super PAC in any way, shape or form… If we coordinate in any way whatsoever, we go to the big house.”  So Karl and Mitt will have to be extremely careful in their conversations to avoid any appearance of breaking the law.  I’m sure that the cynical Karl Rove will not be too terribly constrained by these legal niceties.

At the strategy session Karl Rove will attend
There’ll be lots of plans laid on how to contend
In this year’s election, with so much at stake,
For the office of President they want to retake,
And the House and the Senate too.
It was time to think big, Karl knew.

The Pac run by Karl has great dollops of dough
American Crossroads’s the name that we know
But there’s one little problem for his candidate
With Mitt he’s forbidden to coordinate
Do you think he’ll be able to say
“Come on, Mitt, let’s do it this way”?

The law’s pretty clear that they can’t talk like this
If they try, someone’s sure to think something’s amiss
So they’ll be pretty straight in their public relations
They’ll try to stay legal in their conversations
They’ll practice what they think is best
And hold their cards close to their chest.

Some think that these two are mocking the law
But that kind of thinking sticks in Karl’s craw -
You’ve got to take chances to win an election
Just try to be sure there’s no chance of detection
For the law is no problem for Rove
And his fabulous treasure trove.

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