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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Furious, Yes - Fast, No.

The story so far…

Now Fast and Furious is the name
of agents’ plans to track some guns;
T’was thought to be a sting-like game

but they lost track of all the ones
they sent across the Rio Grande
to find out who it was that runs

the guns to mobsters in that land
But now one gun was used to kill
A border agent in the sand.

Congressional demands are shrill -
No document should be exempt -
And Holder must produce or we’ll

Hold the AG in contempt.
But Holder says he’s tried to be
Cooperative in each attempt

To reach a point where all agree
On what was needed and to try
To give them what they’d need to see

But he’d withhold things that imply
Identities of agents and
Might pose a danger to those guys.

And so we’re really at a stand-
Off and no one knows quite what to do;
Rancor reigns across the land

And now Obama has come through-
Exec’tive privilege he evokes.
This just proves Obama knew

Says Boehner, what it was those folks
Had done and hides it from our sight:
There’s fire in there where the smoke’s.

It’s hard to tell just who is right -
It’s become a test of wills –
But it’s a most unsavory fight

That shows our politician’s ills,
And the bitterness that it instills.

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