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Monday, June 11, 2012

Romney Adviser Undermines Obama European Policy

President Obama has been talking with European leaders about the necessity of incorporating growth-promoting policies into their response to the financial crisis afflicting the Eurozone nations.  Mitt Romney’s chief economic adviser, Glenn Hubbard, sees it differently and spelled it all out in an article in the German business  journal  Handelsblatt.  

Mr. Hubbard proposed a classic conservative pro-austerity, anti-Keynesian approach, arguing that cutting government spending will restore public confidence, encourage growth and avert future tax increases.

It used to be that candidates shied away from interfering with American foreign policy.  Not any more, I guess. 

Obama has been offering advices
To European nations ‘bout their crisis
Promote some growth, says he
Tone down austerity
But Mitt’s advisor, Hubbard is his name,
Says cutting back your budget, that’s the game.
Growth will come, says he
Through more austerity.
But that’s the policy that’s been in place
So where’s the growth?  In Europe, not a trace.
That’s quite enough, say we
Of this austerity.

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