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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Dog that Caught the Car

After a year of hysterical opposition to Obamacare, some  Republicans, including the egregious Allen West, are worried that repealing the law in its entirety would also do away with features of the law that the public approves of, i.e. maintaining children on the parents’ insurance plan until age 26, the ban on discriminating against pre-existing conditions and closing the Medicare “donut hole”  for prescription drug coverage. Sahil Kapur, in this TPM report, quotes a Republican health care aide as saying:  “I do think some Republicans are finally starting to realize they could be the dog that caught the car.”

Obamacare is just the worst
It’s finally time it was reversed,
Except those parts that most folks savor –
We’ll give those parts a legal waiver
But as for parts we all dislike:
The loathsome mandate we will spike.
But insurance companies now reveal
Without the mandate, it’s no deal.
We’re in a stew. What can we do?
Can’t quash the cake and eat it too.
Our situation’s so bizarre
We’re like the dog that caught the car.  

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