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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

McCain on Citizens United Decision

John McCain, in an interview on Meet the Press, characterized the Citizens United decision, granting corporations and private citizens the ability to make unlimited contributions to Super Pacs, as “ the worst decision of the United States Supreme Court in the 21st century….Uninformed, arrogant, naive.  I just wish one of [the justices] had run for county sheriff.”  He said he was "worried" that guys like Sheldon Adelson, who might contribute as much as $100 million to Mitt Romney, could have an outsized influence on the campaign and predicted that there would be scandals.

Although many times he’s a pain
In this case, he’s right to complain
While some are delighted
About Citizens United
“It’s scandalous” declares John McCain.

The Supremes are being naïve
“Money is speech” they believe
If they’d run once for mayor
Black and white would be grayer
And how money corrupts they’d perceive.

Mister Adelson can give twenty mil
To a candidate out of goodwill
But if he gets elected
He’ll do what’s expected
When Adelson tenders his bill.

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