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Friday, June 8, 2012

Mitt Romney: Faux Cop

Several former classmates and friends of college-aged Mitt Romney have said that Mitt used to brag that as a prank, he’d put on a policeman’s uniform, put a red flashing light on his white Rambler and pull people over on the road.  He said he got the uniform from his dad, George Romney, when he was governor of Michigan. Impersonating a police officer is a crime in many states, and a felony if repeated.  If it were Obama instead of Romney, one can imagine that Fox would be apoplectic with rage;  but since it’s Mitt, I’ll bet it doesn’t merit a word except perhaps to decry those who are unfairly picking on Romney’s youthful indiscretions. 

Mitt Romney played a little prank
But if you’d ask, he’d draw a blank
He used to dress up like a cop
And pull folks over, make them stop
He even had a flashing light
Placed on his Rambler, looked just right.
It’s just for fun, he’d prob’ly say
Didn’t mean no harm, so it’s OK.
But in some places, that’s a crime
A felony; could do some time.
What are the media going to say,
That this was just a boy at play?
But Mitt was young, give him some breaks
Anyone can make mistakes.
But just imagine if ‘twere Obama
Then you’d see some right wing drama.
Fox’d scream and yell and screech,
They’d demand he be impeached.

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