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Monday, June 11, 2012

Etch-A-Sketching the Stimulus

Back in the days of the Bush Presidency, Mitt Romney expressed support for what can only be seen as a stimulus plan for the economy.  Here are a few quotes:  “On the spending front, infrastructure projects should be a high priority….We should also invest to free us from our dependence on foreign oil, not by playing venture capitalist, but by funding basic research in renewables, material science, combustion, nuclear reprocessing, and the like.”  More in the post from Ben Cohen.  That Mitt Romney is now nowhere in evidence through the magic of Etch-A-Sketch. 

Mitt is against the stimulus of course
It’s bad, it’s dreadful, it made matters worse
But way back before Obama was Pres
Mitt’s words were quite different from what he now says.
Let’s spend money on bridges and roads
So that they can hold up to the heaviest loads
We’ll also support new research on fuel -
We’ll no longer depend on regimes that misrule.
Now all of this sounds like a stimulus plan
But he came out against it once Obama began
To do what Mitt said, to carry it out,
To help our economy, to turn it about.
The reason, I think, that Mitt changed his tune:
With the GOP’s wing-nuts he’d have to commune. 

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