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Friday, June 22, 2012

Mitt Romney: Foodie

Campaigning in Frankenmuth, MI, on Tuesday, Mitt Ronmey paused to offer a critique of the local food.   Referring to being in Frankenmuth as a teenager, he said

"… I sure remember being here in Frankenmuth. ... And the wonderful chicken. You have a lot of chicken here in Frankenmuth. Oh yeah, chicken and, you know, noodles.  It's good German food right here. What a wonderful place."  He later added: "This is so much fun. It's so much fun running for president. This is kind of historic, you know that? To all be together on a morning like this and to be in the bright sunshine and in a beautiful place and to be running for president with your help."

Our friend Mitt is having fun
On his Presidential run.
Frankenmuth’s the place to be
If you’re hungry – Come and see.
Chicken…say, you’ve got a lot
Noodles too, almost forgot.
German food is so delicious,
Full of gravy and nutritious,
But it’s very high caloric.
Mitt says that his run’s historic.
I must say I don’t know why;
Seems to me he’s just a guy
Spouting off the GOP’s
Typical mendacious sleaze.

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