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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bill Clinton Goes Rogue

Bill Clinton made news again today by suggesting, in an interview on CNBC, that all the Bush tax cuts should be extended temporarily “to avoid doing anything that would contract the economy now”. This statement is decidedly off-message with respect to the Obama campaign, since President Obama has vowed not to extend the Bush tax cuts for the very wealthy when they expire in January.  In another off-message gaffe last week, Bill Clinton praised Mitt Romney’s business career at Bain Capital as “sterling”, just when the Obama campaign was running a series of negative ads depicting Romney as a heartless, job-destroying takeover specialist.

Bill Clinton’s a surrogate for the Pres
But he should be careful ‘bout what he says
Obama said let’s let the tax cuts expire
At least for the rich, that’s what I require.
But Bill ventures forth and says maybe not,
Or wait until later when th’economy’s hot.
This ain’t the first time that he has gone rogue;
Talking off message for Bill is in vogue.
You wonder what kind of team player he is:
He’s all for the team that is Hill’ry’s and his.

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