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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bibi's Lap Dog

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that Romney canceled a meeting with the leader of the Labour Party, Shelly Yachimovich, a mere two hours before it was scheduled to begin.  This occurred after repeated confirmations of the meeting and its schedule between the Romney and Yachimovich staffs.  Yachimovich was dumbfounded by the abrupt cancellation and felt, according to Haaretz, that “Netanyahu, or his people, didn't approve of the Yachimovich meeting and pressured Romney to cancel it – and succeeded.”  Romney has previously expressed his intention to do Netanyahu’s bidding:  In one of the Republican primary debates, he stated that, as President, “ I’d get on the phone to my friend Bibi Netanyahu and say, ‘Would it help if I said this? What would you like me to do?’” before taking any action involving Israel. On moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, Romney said  “I would only want to do so and to select the timing in accordance with the government of Israel.” In a Romney administration, US policy toward Israel would be farmed out to Binyamin Netanyahu, a shocking abdication of leadership and responsibility.  I wonder what the right-wing press would say if Obama declared that he’d ask for approval from a foreign leader before undertaking a particular policy action.

Mitt Romney says that he will do
Whatever Bibi wants him to.
On Mitt Israelis can depend,
‘Cause Bibi is his closest friend.
When Bibi said “Don’t meet with Labour”
Mitt said, “Right” and didn’t waver.
If Bibi starts Iran’s attack
Then Mitt will say “I’ve got your back”
Our embassy Mitt’d move today
If Bibi says that it’s OK.
Before Mitt Romney makes a move
He’ll ask Bibi to approve.
A President's no longer ours
If foreigners have veto powers.

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