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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mitt Slashes Obama at VFW

Mitt Romney’s speech to the VFW on Tuesday was filled with sharp attacks on Obama, but short on substance and specificity, as can be seen in the reviews posted here, here and here


Mitt Romney gave a speech yesterday

   To the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

He went on the attack in a frightful way

   With Obama he settled some scores.

There were times when he got carried away,

   And the Vets approved with loud roars:


I believe that America’s really great

  The best in the world is she.

American power I will not berate

 And I know you all would agree

When I say that it is America’s  fate

   To rule over land and sea.


Obama is weak and apologetic,

   He simply don’t understand

The Ayatollah’s been real energetic

   In building the nukes they have planned.

His response to Iran is simply pathetic

   Things will change when I take command.


Obama’s been cutting the funds for defense -

   He’ll leave us perilously weak.

The damage he’ll do to our troops is immense

   The outlook is mighty bleak.

But when I am the Pres, I’ll spare no expense

   Our generals will get all they seek.


Obama’s been leaking select information

   To make himself appear strong.

But “classified” are these files’ designation

   So releasing them is all wrong.

We need a meticulous investigation

    To assess where the blame will belong.


What will I do that’s different, you ask?

    I’ll be better, just wait and see.

I have secret plans that I won’t unmask,

   And I’m confident you would agree

That it wouldn’t be prudent to detail each task

   I’ll just do it - you can trust me.

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