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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

The great white shark of American foreign policy, Dick Cheney, is back.  He's advising the Romney campaign on its foreign policy positions (what positions, you might well ask), as well as meeting with House Republicans to provide them with talking points, etc. enabling them to oppose the automatic military budget cuts (sequestration) that they agreed to last year.  As Joan McCarter puts it in this post from the Daily Kos,


Interesting that the Republicans leading the least popular Congress ever would turn to the guy who's even more unpopular than they are and is the most loathed face of the most loathed presidency since Nixon to help them make a case to the public.


The GOP's loathsome Great White

Packs a snarling and fearsome bite

Dick Cheney's his name

Of "the dark side" fame

He's full of poison and spite.


So why would they turn to Dick?

It's a really mysterious pick

They want someone tough

And he's sure tough enough

But mainly he's known as a prick.


They say Dick's a policy master

But a public relations disaster

He's a rightist wing nut

And a pain in the gut

He's a lot like oil of castor. 

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