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Friday, July 6, 2012

Tea Party Official: Submission to Government "Criminals" is Treason.

The award for over-reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision goes to the Chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party, who likens the federal government to an "invasion" by a "gang of criminals",  and characterizes submission as "treason".  Here's his statement, via ThinkProgress:


When a gang of criminals subvert legitimate government offices and seize all power to themselves without the real consent of the governed their every act and edict is of itself illegal and is outside the bounds of the Rule of Law. In such cases submission is treason. Treason against the Constitution and the valid legitimate government of the nation to which we have pledged our allegiance for years. To resist by all means that are right in the eyes of God is not rebellion or insurrection, it is patriotic resistance to invasion.

May all of us fall on our faces before the Heavenly Judge, repent of our sins, and humbly cry out to Him for mercy on our country. And, may godly courageous leaders rise up in His wisdom and power to lead us in displacing the criminal invaders from their seats and restore our constitutional republic.




I know it's the silly season

But some folks have lost all their reason,

Resist the invasion

Stamp out the contagion

They say that submission is treason!


They think that our gov'ment's invaded

By criminals who have degraded

The rule of our law.

'Though we may gaffaw

Of this they're completely persuaded.


Now get ready to fight, they cry.

Use all means that are right in God's eye

So take up your sword

In the name of the Lord,

We'll displace those invaders or die!

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