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Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama, "the Other"

Mitt Romney is chiming in on the scurrilous Republican mantra that Barack Obama is something less than a full American.  From the crazy "birther" issue to the more subtle claim that Obama wants to make America  more like Europe, the theme is the same:  Obama's views are foreign, un-American and dangerous.  Here Mitt Romney says that "Obama attacks success", that he is "changing the nature of America" and that "his course is extraordinarily foreign".  It's a bit ironic that a guy who has lots of his money stashed in overseas banks would deride Obama's course as "foreign".  As for changing the nature of America, the Ryan budget, which Romney supports, would certainly accomplish that by throwing even more money to the rich while taking it away from the poor and the middle class. And finally, attacking success undoubtedly refers to the lasting resentment that Bain's, and Romney's, success came at the expense of the workers who lost their jobs at the companies that Bain took over.


Republicans have got a theme

That they will push to make it seem

Obama's just not one of us


He'll change the nature of our land

Our life he doesn't understand

Obama's just not one of us


He thinks success is something bad

It seems to make him really mad

Obama's just not one of us


He wants our freedoms to be cropped

And European ways adopt

Obama's just not one of us


He spent his youthful years abroad

It's no wonder he's so odd

Obama's just not one of us


So what's the cause for this attack?

Could it be because he's black?

Obama's just not one of us. 

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