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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who's Afraid of the NRA?

In gun-toting states, the NRA frightens politicians to death.  They fear that lack of an NRA endorsement, or, worse, NRA support for their opponents, spells certain defeat at the polls.  Yet, as argued in this post, and an earlier one, there's little or no evidence that the NRA has influenced the outcome of any election.   The NRA has become powerful simply by convincing politicians that it is the Big Bad Wolf of electoral politics, whereas in fact it's more like a yapping chihuahua. 


So who's afraid of the NRA?

It's everyone it seems

If you don't handle guns their  way

They'll scuttle all your dreams


Now people say they're awfully strong

They don't forgive a slight

But what if everyone is wrong,

Their bark's worse than their bite?


And what if someone said "Enough,

I'm going to do what's right"

A bully always says he's tough

Until he has to fight.


So let's call out the NRA

And see just what they've got

I think we'll find that in the fray,

They won't amount to squat.

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