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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Romney: Get All the Education You Can Afford

Mitt Romney expounded on the value of education for increasing one's opportunities in life: 

I think this is a land of opportunity for every single person, every single citizen of this great nation. And I want to make sure that we keep America a place of opportunity, where everyone has a fair shot. They get as much education as they can afford and with their time they’re able to get and if they have a willingness to work hard and the right values, they ought to be able to provide for their family and have a shot of realizing their dreams.

It doesn't appear that there would be much help from a Mitt-led government, since a student's education would be capped by what "they can afford".  Moreover, the policies that Mitt had endorsed, most notably the Ryan budget, would reduce Pell grants and undo student loan reforms, ensuring that students could count on less help from the government in getting their degree.  Finally, Mitt's a strong supporter of for-profit educational institutions, some of which are little more than degree mills that offer little in the way of real education.

Mitt Romney thinks an education
Is the key to one's salvation
However much you can afford,
In life you'll get your just reward.
And if you should run out of dough
Mom and dad can help, you know.
There's now no need to sit through classes
Listening to those boring asses,
With profit-making enterprises
Your degree can come on-lineses.

Mitt says this all with great conviction
But there's a little contradiction:
with policies that Mitt's explored
there's less and less you can afford

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