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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Deja Vu All Over Again

Now that Bashar al Assad has threatened Western powers with chemical and biological weapons if they should attack Syria, Fox News’ Sean Hannity wondered where they came from and suggested that they were “donated” by Saddam Hussein.  So THAT’S where the WMD went!!  Guest Lynn Cheney lent her support to this idea and also wondered  “what happened to the Libyan weapons of mass destruction.” She concluded that “it’s clearly time for more action” but didn’t specify what form that action should take.  How about another mid-Eastern war, folks?  I had thought this kind of thinking was thoroughly discredited by now, but apparently there’s enough vicarious testosterone at Fox News to keep it going.  Cheney redux!


Let’s have another little war,

Liz Cheney’s all pumped up for more.

Old WMD’s from Sad Hussein

Did Bashar al Assad obtain.

Those weapons are a casus belli -

More shock and awe for our home telly.

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