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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sununu New Views

John Sununu, former governor of "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire, is not known for the subtlety of his rhetoric.  But he's surpassed himself in recent days, saying of Obama "I wish this President would learn how to be an American" and


“He has no idea how the American system functions...And we shouldn’t be surprised about that, because he spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something, spent … another set of years in Indonesia.”


Asked later about his "learn how to be an American" remark, Sununu claimed he was referring to the American formula for creating business, which (he apparently thinks) does not involve government. Still, it all fits with the far right-wing's obsession that Obama is somehow less than fully American. 


O, I wish our President could be

As American as you and me.

He needs to take some time and study

How to be our US buddy.

Hawaii was his youthful range

But he was smoking something strange,

And then he went to Indonesia

A Muslim country where they seize ya

And fill you full of information

That's just plain wrong about our nation,

And that is why he has no clue

'Bout what America can really do.


This is what Sununu says

About our Democratic Pres,

But most folks know they must eschew new

Weird remarks from John Sununu.

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