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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Troubles on Day One

Although Mitt Romney has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act on "Day One" of his presidency, there a several barriers that make it all but impossible for him to fulfill this promise, as detailed in this post from ThinkProgress.

Obamacare I will repeal
a promise that's got great appeal
I'll do it on Day 1,
I'm sure it will get done.

You mean I can't just give a waiver
Unto the states that want the favor?
It's not OK for me
To govern by decree?

How 'bout reconcilation?
That's our kind of legislation.
It leaves the mandate  there,
and to chaos we'll be heir.

With what new plan will we replace it?
It looks like I will have to face it -
this won't be so easy,
I'm starting to get queasy.

You mean there're parts that we can't strike?
That there are the parts that most folks like?
Gee whiz and golly gee
I wish they had told me.

We're finally finishing Day 1
It really hasn't been much fun
Despite my hope and prayer
There's still Obamacare.

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