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Friday, July 13, 2012

Oomph-less Mitt

You know the Romney campaign must be in trouble when both Rupert Murdoch and Fox News start whining about Mitt Romney's lack of pizzazz as a campaigner.  Fox news commentator Laura Ingraham suggested that people are "... looking for a little – I don’t know, oomph? Spice?" .  But the Republican strategist Chris Begala replied, "He is who he is and this is not an aggressive guy."


Mitt Romney hasn't any oomph.

When he walks into any roomph

Immediately it fills with gloomph

It's like the roomph becomes a tombph.


Now Mitt is not a guy for whomph

It's natural to fuss and fumeph

But inner fire he must exhumeph

or certain doomph will 'fore him loomph.

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