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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Voter ID/Suppression

Many states dominated by Republicans have passed "Voter ID" laws requiring a state-authorized picture identification card to vote in upcoming elections.  Obtaining these ID's can bevery burdensome for some voters, especially the poor, people of color, older voters or students, who tend to vote Democratic.  So it's pretty clear that the motive behind the new laws is not to suppress fraud, as the GOP claims, but to suppress Democratic votes.  In Pennsylvania, the House Majority (GOP) leader was recently overtaken by a temporary fit of honesty when he said that their voter ID law was "gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania."


A lot of states have Voter ID,

They want a picture of you or me.

Before they'll let our vote to be cast.

They will insist that we have passed

The tests that they have put in place

To keep false voters from the race.


But as the election's drawing near, we are

Disturbed that there might be ulterior

Concerns for these restrictive laws

That might discourage some because

It's hard to get the documents

Despite some voter's best intents.


And the voters that it's hardest for,

Latinos, students, blacks and more

Are those who don't vote GOP -

They'll keep them off the rolls, you see -

And as you might by now have guessed

They'll keep the Democrats suppressed.

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