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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Ready for Prime Time...Part 2

Romney’s international trip, designed to be a stress-free introduction to international affairs, has been a diplomatic disaster.  In England, his criticisms of the London Olympics produced outraged responses in the British press;  even the British Prime Minister felt the need to chime in.  And in Israel, his remarks crediting “cultural differences” for the increased productivity of Israel vs the Palestinian territories managed to insult both Palestinians, for obvious reasons, but Jews as well for potentially reviving the “Jews are good with money” stereotype.  If will be fun to see what damage he can do on the next leg of his trip, his visit to Poland.
Mitt Romney’s trip has been a farce
He has fallen on his arse;
Every time he starts to speak
He causes someone to out-freak.
He criticized the British games -
The British pressmen called him names.
His “cultural” remarks did bruise
Both Palestinians and Jews.
And now he’s off to see the Poles
Let’s hope he’s put in mouth-controls.
Most commentators would agree
He’s dreadful at diplomacy.

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