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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trump Thumps Wind Pumps

Donald Trump, who is investing £750 million in a golf resort, testified before the Scottish Parliament that he was “lured” into investing in the golf course by two First Ministers in the Scottish government who assured him that an offshore wind farm would not be constructed.  Now that 11 wind turbines have been placed offshore from his golf course, Mr. Trump is crying betrayal.  “So after I’ve invested this tremendous amount of money, all of a sudden this really obnoxious and ugly wind farm appears,” he said in his testimony.  He also predicted that plans to construct additional wind forms would destroy Scotland’s tourism industry, and when asked for the evidence behind this statement, he replied in his usual self-deprecating manner,  “I am the evidence…I am considered a world-class expert in tourism.”

The Donald’s in Scotland now
Testifying on how
he was misled -
His golf course may be dead.

It seems perfidious Scots
Have voted to put lots
Of wind mills in the ocean
Not far from Trump’s promotion.

He said that he was lured
By some who  had assured
Him that it wouldn’t be:
No wind farm on the sea.

Now that it’s come to pass
He’s feeling like an ass
“I’m the evidence” he say,
That tourists will stay away.

“In tourism, I’m world class,
And you’ve got balls of brass
To cross me like some hick.
You think you’re pretty slick.”

Of course the Scots deny
That Trump is their fall guy
His claims are false they say,
He’s just a popinjay. 

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