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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Romney Saves Auto Industry!!

Eric Fehrnstrom, senior advisor to the Mitt Romney and author of the unforgettable Etch-A-Sketch analogy, has recently declared that Romney’s  ”…position on the bailout [of Chrysler and General Motors] was exactly what President Obama followed”.  Well, not exactly “exactly” since Romney would have provided no government financial assistance for the managed bankruptcy that he recommended, and there was no one else around at the time that would have done so.  Romney has also castigated the President’s auto bailout plan on numerous occasions in the primaries, which would be fairly strange if it had actually been Mitt’s idea all along.  Or maybe not, since Romney also castigated Obamacare, which one could argue was also effectively Romney’s “idea”.  Doublespeak anyone?

Mitt’s advisor has lately maintained
The bailout is what Mitt ordained
But everyone knew
It just wasn’t true
They've a new height of chutzpah attained.

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