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Monday, April 23, 2012

Inauguration Anyone?

It's a little early to be selling tickets to the Romney inauguration, but Mitt's using it for fund raising purposes.  Can't blame him for trying, but it does seem a little premature at this point.  Anyone want to buy some tickets to the World Series Red Sox games? 

Mitt is out there selling tickets
To his inauguration
It is a little early yet,
But that’s anticipation.
Mitt’s feeling confident these days
That he’ll defeat the President.
He’s said that he should pack his things -
He’ll be the White House Resident.
So how much is it selling for,
This ticket to Mitt’s party?
It goes for $50 K – not bad –
I’m sure the food is hearty.
If that’s too much, then here’s a deal
That’s sure to be a hit:
On sale today for just $10 K,
A photo op with Mitt!

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