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Friday, April 27, 2012

Joe Scarborough Defends Mitt

On the Thursday Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough was defending Romney against the charge, put forth by the Obama campaign, that Mitt Romney was a radical right-winger.  Saying that Romney was actually a moderate he added,  “What Romney says on the campaign trail is one thing.  What he will do as President, if he is elected, is something completely different”.  The cynicism of this remark is really breathtaking.  He’s saying essentially that Romney, in campaign mode, is acting like a shill to attract voters into his right-wing tent, but that they’ll find nothing inside but smoke and mirrors;  the real Romney, whoever that is, will emerge once he gets elected.  Romney’s pattern of prevarication over the years has already led many of us to discount what he says during the campaign, but only the most hardened campaign operatives, steeped in domestic Realpolitik, would regard this as a strength.  With defenders like Joe Scarborough, Mitt has no need for detractors. 

We don’t care what Romney said
It’s what he’ll do as Pres instead
That’s wrapped in mystery.
His campaign history
Seems to be irrelevant,
Since his fibs are highly prevalent
And that’s apparently OK
With cynics who would say
That campaigns don’t matter much
They’re just for voters and as such
The promises they take seriously
Disappear mysteriously,
Departing one by one
When th’election’s done.  

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