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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A New Film by Herman Cain - in Bizarre-O-Vision

A new ad by Herman Cain features a farmer feeding a bunch of chickens that turn against the hand that feeds them, quite literally in this case, killing the farmer – death by a thousand pecks.  Check it out here.

Cain’s new indie film is on a par
With previous ones  - but even more bizarre.
Herman’s channeling of Hitchcock’s “Birds”
Tries to frighten but’s too strange for words.
It seems the government’s a lot like chickens,
Deadly birds that scare from you the dickens.

Feed them if you dare
But you should be aware
They might turn on you and peck
Your eyes, your face, your neck
And tear the flesh off of your bones,
Your lifeless body left on stones.

Any questions?
                               Little girl, why yes -
What are you trying to express?
And what’s with Herman on that cliff?
That ending seems a little stiff.
Herman hasn’t lost the stigma
Of being a complete enigma.

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