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Monday, April 9, 2012

Michelle Bachmann: Obama's a Health Care Dictator

Michelle Bachmann (remember her?) stated in a recent interview that Obama is a “health care dictator” who can “…order all Americans to purchase a product or service against their will whether they want it or not. And he can decide which product or service will be offered and at what price. That's unbelievable!"  You're right, Michelle, that really is unbelievable.  In the context of her remarks, she seems to imply that Obama can force us to buy contraceptives!  There’s more in the interview, which you can see here.  I really miss Michelle Backmann:  she was such a great source of material because her outrage is unconstrained by any regard for the truth. 

Michelle is speaking out.
What’s it all about?
Obama is a dictator -
There is no danger greater -
He’s forcing us to buy
Stuff that you and I
Don’t either want or need,
Against our moral creed.

And that’s not all she said -
His foreign policy has led
To terrorism’s rise
And Iran to nuclearize.

And then a final plea:
Please send some cash to me
For my campaign’s receipt
And Pelosi to defeat. 

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