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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Republican Proposes Tax Increase!

Nearly all Republicans have made a pledge to the Almighty Grover Norquist that they will not vote for any measure that entails a tax increase.  But now Eric Cantor says we might need to “broaden the base” by imposing new taxes on the 45% of the people in this country, mostly poor people or seniors with little or no income, who currently pay no income taxes.  So there is a way to get around the Norquist pledge – raise taxes on the poor!  This would undoubtedly be coupled with a measure to reduce taxes on those with high incomes.

Republicans have made a sacred vow
To vote against a law that will increase
The taxes people pay – they won’t allow
it ever.  Oh, but here’s a press release
that says they might consider something now
where obligations of their vow might cease.
For taxes on the rich they said “No more!”
But they can increase taxes on the poor.

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