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Sunday, May 13, 2012

We're All Socialists Now

John Stoehr, writing in Al Jezeera English, argues that America is already a socialist country and that both Democrats and Republicans applaud government interventions in our economy.  It just depends on who gets the money: 

No matter what they say about closeted communists in Congress or in the White House, Republicans - even the libertarians - heartily approve of socialism. The question in their view is about which way the money is flowing, up or down. If it's agribusiness or oil corporations getting bucks from federal subsidies, then money is going to the top. Hoorah for socialism. If it's single working mothers getting food stamps and housing credits, then money is going to the bottom. That's a damn government handout - we can't have that.

We are all socialists now
Our government is a cash cow
The only real question,
I get the impression,
Is who gets the money and how.  

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