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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Souter Dissent on Citizens United Suppressed

A New Yorker article by Jeffrey Toobin on the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision disclosed that Justice David Souter had filed a strong dissent that “aired some of the Court’s dirty laundry”.  Chief Justice Roberts then slated the case to be "reargued" at a later date, which not only insured that Souter’s dissent would not be published due to his retirement, but dramatically expanded the scope of the questions under consideration for the case.  See Toobin’s article for details. 

Mr. Justice David Souter
Has had enough of the Supremes
He’s been a circumspect straight shooter
But he’s aghast at right-wing schemes.

In the case of Citizens United
He wrote a very strong dissent
It was so strong that it incited
Justice Roberts’ discontent.

So Roberts used a nifty trick
To keep from it the light of day
Since Souter’s such a maverick
I really wish he’d had his say.

He castigated certain justices -
His right-wing colleagues on the court -
No doubt he felt disgust as his
Dissent was then cut short.
See Toobin’s article about
The Citizens United tale -
It gave the wealthy too much clout,
And put our country up for sale.

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