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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ryan Wants America to be More Like Europe

As argued in an article in The Economist, Paul Ryan’s proposal to fund programs like Medicaid by a system of block grants to states would have the effect, over time, of reducing federal support for these programs compared to the present system.  States hit hard by the recession would have difficulty making up the difference and would likely respond by increased taxes, budget cuts or cutting back on the number of Medicaid recipients.  This closely mimics the situation in Europe where austerity measures have further weakened the economies of countries that were already in trouble and threaten the European economy as a whole.  The present role of the federal government in transferring funds from richer to poorer regions in the US helps to smooth out these regional differences.  The Ryan budget would do the opposite and, in effect, Europeanize our economy.    

The Ryan budget plan
Is thought to be American
But its effects will shore up
Trends that make us Europe. 

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