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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Birthers Are Back

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett stated in an interview that he was not convinced that President Obama was born and the US and said that it’s “possible” he would keep Obama off the ballot in the Presidential elections in November.  Bennett is planning on running for governor of the state after Governor Jan Brewer’s term comes to an end.

Ken Bennett says he’s not sure
And an answer he must procure
Just where on the earth
Was Obama’s birth?
It’s the right-winger’s question du jour.

Ken Bennett says that he’s in doubt
Obama’s birthplace he’ll check out
And it’s a possibility
That he will issue a decree
To take his name off of the ticket.
Well, that would be the stickiest wicket.
But Ken is duty-bound, he says
T’ensure we have a legal Pres.
He’s a very thorough sleuth -
He’ll ask Hawaii for the truth.
The Hawaiians are getting sick of this
They’ve said before that nought’s amiss
Ken’s risking looking like a chump,
Or what’s worse, like Donald Trump
Why would he raise this point once more
When it’s been done ofttimes before?
Ken Bennett’s reason number one:
For governor he’s going to run.

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