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Monday, May 28, 2012

Fueling Our Military

As detailed in this post by David Roberts from Grist, Republican legislators in the House are doing their best to staunch the use of non-fossil fuels (other than nuclear power) by the military, on the grounds that it costs more than conventional fossil fuels. On the other hand, they are promoting the use of liquid fuels derived from coal by a process that produces 2.5 times as much CO2 as the use of conventional oil, and is more expensive to boot! 

Our military’s much too strong
To be saddled by a fuel that’s wrong.
And if it’s not a fossil fuel
That runs counter to our rule
And costs more money to employ
So we forbid it to deploy.
But if it’s made from dirty coal
That’s consistent with our goal;
Although it costs more in the end
It’s use we gladly recommend.
The fossil fuel folks give us dough
So we’ll never slow the oil flow.

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