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Monday, May 14, 2012

Loosey Doocy

In a discussion with Stuart Varney about the recent loss of $2 billion by J. P. Morgan Chase,  Fox host Steve Doocy tried to blame the President and his SEC for the debacle.  When Varney demurred, Doocy said   “If he’s the President, he’s the president of the banks, too”, to which Varney, seemingly embarrassed by the stupidity of this remark, replied “Uh no, actually he’s not”. While it’s hard to imagine a more dim- witted comment on the J. P. Morgan mess, it provides a measure of Doocy’s desperation in trying to blame Obama for everything that’s wrong in the world. 

Jamie Dimon, as most would agree,
is the head of Morgan, J.P.
But now it turns out that’s not true:
“Obama’s in charge of banks too”,
Said Fox’s Steven J. Doocy.
‘Though his reasoning’s kind of abstruse, he
Is trying in sheer desperation
To blame all that’s wrong in the nation
On Obama’s poor leadership skills.
No doubt that includes common ills
Like the weather and major earthquakes
And even your migraine headaches.
Now why is Steve so obsessed
With this quest that’s Quixotic at best?
Most likely it’s just because
Of instructions direct from his boss,
Whose “Err and Unbalanced” tales
Are the hallmark of Roger Ailes. 

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Anonymous said...

In watching the Doocy video, I noticed a link to another Fox telecast where a Fox Legal Analyst actually said "I'm hoping gasoline's going to stay close to five dollars in joke." Sadly, for Republicans this is not a joke. The same thought struck me when last month's job creation report came up short of expectations, that Mitt Romney was practically giddy that so many Americans were still struggling.