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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VP Advice from John McCain

In a Sunday interview, former Republican presidential candidate John McCain advised Mitt Romney to pick someone he can trust for the Vice-President’s slot, and then added that “the absolute most important aspect” is whether that person “would be well qualified to take that place” [as President].   Then, astonishingly, he said “I happen to believe that was the primary factor in my decision in 2008”. ???....!!!  I think he was being serious.  Sarah Palin brought youth and vitality to a lackluster McCain campaign.  Competence, however, was not one of her assets.  And does anyone really think she’d be on the ticket if she happened to look like Eleanor Roosevelt? 

Now John McCain says Mitt should choose a Veep
Who would be qualified to take his place
In case some terrible event would sweep
Him from this earth in death’s embrace.
Someone competent who’d all agree
A good and gifted President could be.

McCain says that’s exactly how he chose,
When he decided on his running mate.
He knew that Sarah’s youth and vigor shows,
And next to him that she’d look great!
Because of her, McCain’s campaign took root -
But competence was not her strongest suit.

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