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Friday, May 11, 2012

Richard Mourdock, Tea Party Extremist

Richard Mourdock, who won the Indiana Republican Senatorial Primary on Tuesday, defeating long-time Senator Richard Lugar, is a man of rather unconventional (i.e. extreme) views. He seems right at home, however, in the world imagined by Tea Party types. [poetic form: rondel]

Richard Mourdock won today
No longer can he be ignored
His right-wing views have struck a chord
He took Dick Lugar’s seat away

The moderates are in dismay
Their sacred cow has just been gored
Richard Mourdock won today
No longer can he be ignored

Compromise must now give way -
There’s no chance for an accord
Unless the Dems fall on their sword,
Cooperation’s so passé.
Richard Mourdock won today. 

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