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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mitt: No Questions Please!

Mitt Romney’s campaign has taken extraordinary steps to isolate the candidate from reporters, as detailed in this post from Balloon Juice.

Please keep reporters at bay
Mitt thinks they will lead him astray
They’re full of aggression
And might ask a question
And Mitt will not know what to say.

Please don’t ask questions of Mitt
He’ll probably run off in a snit
Unlike Erik Cantor
He simply can’t banter
So questioning he will omit.

Please don’t expect give and take
It’s a phobia Mitt cannot shake
One of the theories
Why he’s leery of queries
Is his words make him sound like a fake.

Please keep away from poor Mitt
He’s doesn’t have much of a wit
He’s not very clever
In a verbal endeavor
Spontaneity he won’t permit.

Please don’t accuse Mitt of lying
He’s just continually trying
To say something cool
And he’s nobody’s fool
But the truth he keeps misapplying.

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Donna Alexander said...

I love your limericks! Very humurous! Feel free to drop by