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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two for Ron Paul

Ron Paul announced yesterday that he won't be spending any more money in future state primaries. But does that mean he's "suspending his campaign"?  Apparently not.  He has said that he  “..will continue to take leadership positions, win delegates, and carry a strong message to the Republican National Convention that Liberty is the way of the future." What form that will take at the Republican Convention in Tampa is anybody’s guess.  But one thing is clear, Ron Paul is not going away.

Ron Paul has said that he’s through;
Buying ads his campaign will eschew
But he’s still out there running,
For something he’s gunning
No one knows what at Tampa he’ll do.

Ron Paul allowed as how he’ll stop;
Campaign appearances he will drop.
But that don’t mean that he has quit
There’s no way that he’ll yield to Mitt
And give him now his full support.
He’s on a quest he won’t cut short.
The fans of Paul are very zealous
And that makes Romney very jealous.
Allies of Paul have booed Mitt’s son,
And piled up delegates one by one.
So what’s he got there up his sleeve?
That’s something no one can perceive.
And so to Mitt we’ve got to say
Sorry Dude, Ron’s here to stay.

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