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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Ballad and Romney and Ryan

Mitt Romney’s new sidekick, Paul Ryan’s his name,
Is just like his boss, they’re almost the same,
On most every point, they’re sure to agree
They’re campaigning hard for Pres and VP.

Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Too
To Republican talking points they will be true
            Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Dee
            They’ll hammer the Democrats, just wait and see.

Mitt goes with the weather, he’s hard to pin down,
He just wants to please whoever’s around,
But Ryan’s a rock, he knows that he’s right,
If folks disagree, he’s happy to fight.

Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Too
They travel the country for voters to woo
            Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Dine
            The two men together have only one spine.      

Now Romney’s a Mormon, and that is OK
But he won’t discuss it, there’s simply no way;
Paul Ryan’s a Catholic, a regular brand,
At least that’s a faith we can all understand.

Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Too
You Democrats better watch out for these two
Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Dike
           ‘Though their faiths may be different, it’s Jesus they like.

Mitt Romney is rich, he’s got lots of dough
What he pays in taxes, we’ll never know;
Paul Ryan’s not wealthy but he’s done OK
Let’s tax the rich less, he’s likely to say.

Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Too
            Their contributors come from the wealthiest few
Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Door
            They don’t give a damn about folks who are poor.

Mitt Romney looks sharp, he’s handsome of face
He’s just the right height and his hair’s all in place
Paul Ryan is hot and he’s also quite young
He’s just the right age to be Romney’s son.

Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Too
            They’re good-looking dudes, it’s certainly true
            Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Ded
            So why do most women like ‘Bama instead?

They both agree that the Right way’s the best
They’ll lower taxes and spending arrest,
The safety net shred and Medicare spike,
But the generals and admirals will get what they like.

Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Too
The GOP program is what they’ll push through
Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Dōne
Government spending they’ll cut to the bone.

The election is coming, they’ll hold it this fall,
With Romney and Ryan it will be a close call
Obama and Biden must win in this race
Or Romney and Ryan will be taking their place.
Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Too
            They’re very conservative in their world view.
Romney-O, Romney-O, Ryan-O-Dade
            If they get elected, be very afraid.

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Anonymous said...

Mitt is a lifetime Mormon cult servant, Sunday teacher , priest.
Mitt can never separate religion form politics. religions was business life for Mitt.

President Mitt the priest is middle east age like.
Mitt doesn''t fitt