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Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Chris Christie Won't be Romney's Pick for VP

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is the conservatives’ heart throb as a Vice-presidential pick for Mitt Romney.  His legendary outspokenness is refreshing in this time of focus-grouped sound bites. He’s a verbal bull in a china shop, however, and has recently called out some Republicans as bigots because they have objected to his associations with certain Muslims.  This is not the kind of thing that goes over well in today’s Republican party.   
Christopher Christie has a big mouth
What he says is just what he means
He’s befriended some Muslims and that has led
To some unpleasant right-wing scenes.
So Christie says that those folks are just bigots
And that really makes them pissed.
That’s the trouble with someone who means what he says,
He irritates folks that he's dissed.

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