The poet William Stafford set himself the task of writing a poem a day. When someone asked him what he would do when his poem-of-the-day wasn't very good, he replied "I simply lower my standards." In order to increase output, the bar here is set at a low level - the point of this is to have some fun with current events and politics. I welcome contributions and comments. Now you can also follow Doggerelo on Twitter (@doggerelo). Because of continuing medical problems, I'm no longer able to post a poem-a-day. I'll continue to post poems, but at a reduced frequency, so please stay tuned.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Tampa Test

They start their convention today*
The Republicans in old Tampa Bay.
They’ll nominate Romney to be
Their choice for the Presidency,
And as for Mitt’s running mate
They’ll say Paul Ryan is great.
There’ll be lots and lots of speeches
Down by the Florida beaches,
And to give the folks there a treat
They’ll throw them lots of red meat.
Obama and Biden they’ll boo
And pray that next year they’ll be through.
Chris Christie gives the keynote address -
It’s sure to be a success -
He’s big in more ways than one
In 2016 he might run
If Romney should lose in this race
Ol’ Chris might be taking his place.
Sarah Palin won’t be there to speak
She’s probably well past her peak.
The Donald has said he’d be there
To give everybody a scare.
The big night belongs to Mitt
His speech is a chance to transmit
His plans and personal charm -
His doubters he’ll try to disarm.
We’ll see if he’s able rise to
The occasion, but when he tries to
He usually falls flat on his face:
In this case, he must show some grace.

The convention will surely be fun
It’s the GOP’s day in the sun.
But I will be taking a break
A vacation I’ve got to take.
The timing I know’s pretty bad
But stay tuned, don’t go away mad
‘Cause while I’m away
This blog will replay
The best poems that we’ve ever had.
* The start of the convention has been delayed by a day due to proximity of tropical storm Isaac.

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