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Friday, August 10, 2012

Romneycare: Gag or Brag?

Responding to a dickish ad put out by an Obama Super Pac, in which a guy laments his wife’s death from cancer following the loss of his job (and health insurance) at a company taken over by Bain (honestly, guys, you’re better than this), a Romney spokesperson snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by mentioning the unmentionable: “To that point, if people had been in Massachusetts, under Gov. Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care”  Conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, were apoplectic: “I don’t know the people at the Romney campaign but I’m gonna tell you…your candidate is accused of killing a woman because … this isn’t about health insurance! They’re out there saying that your guy killed this woman! and your answer is well she’d of had health insurance if she lived in Massachusetts.”

Health care in the State of Bay
Is something they should never say
Because it was Mitt Romney’s plan
And since his own campaign began
His program he tries not to mention
Because it’d just bring more attention
To Mitt’s role in putting there
The model for Obamacare.

So was this just a bad mistake
By an inexperienced flake?
Or is it really something now –
To have your cake and eat it too:
‘Though Rommey’s plan has great appeal
Obama’s plan we’ll still repeal.
If this is Mitt’s health care defense
It simply doesn’t make much sense. 

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