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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paul Ryan - Big Spender

Despite Paul Ryan’s reputation as a deficit hawk, he voted during the Bush years for all the measures that gave rise the bulk of our current yearly budget deficits, as shown on the accompanying diagram (from Informed Comment). 

Paul Ryan’s a deficit hawk
At federal spending he’ll balk
But in the Bush years
He voted with peers
For programs that put us in hock.

Paul Ryan is thought to be fiscally tight
He doesn’t support any new spending frills
He brags that his votes are fiscally right

But in the Bush years there were several bills
That needed his vote for them to get passed
So like a good soldier he bent to their wills

And voted for them, like the Bushies had asked.
But now we’re bemired with terrible debt
‘Cause the costs of those bills have piled up fast

And Ryan no doubt views those votes with regret
‘Cause now he doesn’t seem fiscally bright
And our nation is under a financial threat.

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