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Monday, August 20, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

Todd Akin, the Missouri Republican Senate candidate running against the Democratic incumbent  Claire McCaskill, said that the federal government should not be paying for school lunches for hungry children.  “Why not do it at the state level?” he asked, while the answer is staring him in the face – the states don’t have the money!  

If you are hungry nearly every day
And lunch at school provides the only way
That you can ever have a decent meal -
Your school’s lunch money Akin’s going to steal.

He says the gov’ment of our great nation
Shouldn’t be involved with education
For him, the issue is a state’s rights deal -
Your school’s lunch money Akin’s going to steal

It doesn’t matter if poor kids are starving
Todd Akin doesn’t really give a farthing
‘Cause hungry kids to him have no appeal -
Your school’s lunch money Akin’s going to steal.

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