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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Republican Alphabet

A is for Akin:
He says you’ll escape
Pregnancy if it's
A legitimate rape.

B is for Boehner
He’s the House Speaker
But to Tea Party types
He couldn’t be meeker.

C is for Cantor
He never relaxes
When it comes to our spending
Or raising our taxes

D’s for Demint
He’s a Tea Party guy
He’s as right as they come
He’s their natural ally.

E is for Ensign
He was well equipped
For a leadership slot
But his fly ‘came unzipped.

F is for Fox
The news for the right
If there’s any truth there
It’s kept out of sight.

G is for Graham
Now Lindsay’s a gent
He speaks with an elegant
Southern accent.

H is for Hatch,
Ted Kennedy’s friend,
But this year his job
Has come to an end.

I is for Inhofe
He denies global warming
But rising sea levels
Should give him some warning.

 J is for John
McCain, that would be -
He ran once for Pres
With a knock-out VP.

K is for Kyl.
Jon’s quitting this year -
He’s had quite enough
Of the political sphere.

L is for Lieberman
Joe might as well be
Honor’y member
Of our own GOP.

M’s for McConnell,
From the land of crape myrtle,
He looks kinda funny
Like Yertle the Turtle.

N is for No!
That’s the House creed
For anything that would let
Obama succeed.

O’s for Obama
He’s our country’s tsar
He’s Muslim and socialist
He’s our bête noir.

P’s for Reince Priebus
Of the NRC
He’s not as much fun
As Mike Steele used to be.

Q is for queer
Never let it be said
That gays should be equal:
Gay marriage is dead

R is for Romney
He bears our standard
There’s nary a group
That he hasn’t pandered.

S is for Snowe
She’s decided to quit
‘Cause bipartisan ways
No one will permit.

T is for taxes
There never will be
An increase in taxes
With our GOP!

U is for useless
That’s what it would be
To expect compromise
From today’s GOP.

V is for victory
A win in the fall
Will get rid of Obama
And also Ron Paul.

W is for West -
Allen’s really quite raucous
He thinks there are Commies
In the Progressive Caucus.

X is for Xmas
As they say on TV.
We’ll put Jesus back
Right where he should be.

Y is for Yoder
It’s in a news clipping:
In the Galilee Sea
He went skinny dipping

Z is for zeitgeist
The soul of our age
There’s only one word for it
And that word is rage.

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