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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winston Gingrich

Most commentators agree that Newt Gingrich will continue his campaign, regardless of the outcome in Florida.  Some have drawn parallels to Churchill's period "in the wilderness" during the '30s.  

He won’t be slowed down by defeat
He’ll soldier on alone
He’ll raise his voice and wave his hands
And Romney’s lies bemoan.

He’ll rage against Mitt’s Super Pacs
Like Lear upon the heath
But he must raise more money soon
Or he will come to grief.

Th’establishment’s come out for Mitt
They look at Newt with fear
They’re worried that as nominee
He’d screw them up this year.

But Newt’s a good historian -
A figure crossed his mind
It’s Churchill in the wilderness -
He was equally maligned.

Winston was erratic too
They thought he was unstable
But when the crisis fully dawned
He proved profoundly able.

So Newt has faith in history
His moment he’ll await:
He’ll save the nation from collapse
Like Churchill – it’s his fate.

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